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Ik + de Ander. Art and the Human Condition
Karin Junger, Adrian Piper, Christine Borland, Cindy Sherman, Inez van Lamsweerde, Craig Bell, Michel Francois, Bill Viola

I + the Other. Art and the Human Condition presented a confusing, even alienating context through the continuously staged confrontation between art and document. The rationale for the exhibition was based upon the question how to interpret terms like 'human' and 'humanity' when these historically and ideologically defined concepts are to be held responsible for, at the very least, a severe limitation of the human condition in a time dominated by intolerance, xenophobia, violence and (renewed forms of) eugenics. Work by international artists, filmmakers were juxtaposed to visual and archive material from the Red Cross organisation, the media, and artefacts and interactive computer games.