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lne Gevers lives and works in Utrecht, NL
Ine Gevers
Ine Gevers is curator, writer and activist.

Currently Ine Gevers started research for her new project Hacking Habitat, honored by the Mondriaan Fund. 

Yes Naturally · how art saves the world is a visual art campaign, organised in collaboration with the Gemeentemuseum The Hague. It researched how a lesser anthropocentric perspective enables us to become more ecologically intelligent. Yes Naturally embraced artistic proposals for co-creation between human and nonhuman agents. From 15 March 2013 until  18 August 2013 in and around the Gemeentemuseum/GEM/Photomuseum Tha Hague.  

In 2009/ 2010 she curated the widely successful exhibition and publication Niet Normaal · Difference on Display, at the Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam. Niet Normaal travelled to Berlin in 2011, Liverpool in July 2012, and participated in the Olympic Games Cultural Program. 

In 2007 she started the Foundation Niet Normaal with the purpose of mounting art exhibitions and artistic campaigns concerning socially relevant themes for broad audiences. The organization has its roots in the 1994, when Ine Gevers curated Ik + de Ander. Art and the Human Condition, which received international critical acclaim and recognition. From that period on Gevers collaborated with Hester Alberdingk Thijm, who is chair of the Foundation. 

> Read interview with Ine Gevers. Published in: Metropolis M, No 1, februari/maart 2013.
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