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· Algorithms Take Control. Let's Life-hack
TED-talk for TEDx Utrecht, on how to envision a new relationship with our technological devices, and reclaim our living environment. 27 january 2016, Utrecht.
> view on youtube.
· Bots, Bodies and Beasts
Lecture for Rietveld Studium Generale Algorithmic Resistance, 16 februari 2016.
· Information-asymmetry
Lecture on Hacking Habitat for the Technologie Symposium, St. Joost Academie Breda/Den Bosch.
· How the human being holds itself into its own pet
On Yes, Naturally, Hacking Habitat and Robot Love (forthcoming). At the Museum of Ideas, Science Museum London, 6 october 2016.
· Society Must Be Hacked
Introduction to Hacking Habitat. Art of Control, NAi010 Publishers, Rotterdam, 2016. Also see productions.
· Three lectures on my curatorial work
Lectures at VIVA Curatorial School, Valetta, Malta. 
· Twitteren vanuit het perspectief van de plant.
Metropolis M, No1, February-March 2013, Twitteren vanuit het perspectief van de plant, interview.
> Read interview.
· Ecological Intelligence, lectures
Ecological Intelligence, lectures at: Gemeentemuseum The Hague, Rietveld Academy Amsterdam, HKU Utrecht, KABK Den Haag.
· Ja Natuurlijk, een kompas voor ecologische intelligentie
Introduction to Ja Natuurlijk · How Art Saves the World, Nai010 Publishers, Rotterdam, 2013. See also productions.
· Liverpool Biennial, review
Metropolis M, no 6, Liverpool Biennial, review
· Lecture on Niet Normaal/Not Normal
Niet Normaal/Not Normal, lecture, introduction and opening of Niet Normaal, Liverpool, June 2012.
· Lecture on Niet Normaal/Nicht Normal
Niet Normaal/Nicht Normal lecture, introduction and opening of Nicht Normal, Berlijn, March 2011.
· Which ghetto? Curatorial tactics and artistic knowledge-production in normality-driven societies.
Article in the online publication Parallel Lines. Produced by the London Access and Diversity Peer Learning Network and is supported and initiated by Arts Council England.
· Becoming Niet Normaal
Part of the 'Becoming Minority Conference', Gerrit Rietveld Academy, 2009-2010. Guests: Mat Fraser, Laurens landeweerd, Jan Bor, Liz Carr, Theresia Degener. Chair: Ine Gevers. Curator: Ine Gevers, Nancy Hoffmann
· The Moral of the Story
Erfgoed Arena Debate, with contributions of Ine Gevers, art historian and curator of the exhibition Niet Normaal · Difference on Display, Beurs van Berlage te Amsterdam, Hans Looijen, director of Dolhuys in Haarlem, National Museum of Psychiatry, Guus Sluiter, director of Tot Zover, The Dutch Funeral Museum, 17 March 2010, Amsterdam
· Niet Normaal · Difference on Display explained
Conversation with Joseph Grigely and his class, Art Institute to the University of Chicago, 24 March 2010
· Art in the World
Debate on Art and Engagement. Chair: Merlijn Twaalhoven, with contributions of Vincent van Gerven Oei, Tinkebell, Richard Menken, Chris Keulemans, Ine Gevers, 30 March 2010
· Autonomie in Relatie
Article in 'Kwaliteit in de Kunst', ed. George Lawson, Gitta Luiten, Laurien Saraber and Taco de Neef, publication: Mondriaan Stichting & Fonds Podiumkunsten. Not published due to budgetary reasons.
· Voeten in de Modder
Metropolis M, Voeten in de Modder, Feature article on Art and Ecology 
> Read article.
· Normality on prescription
Introduction Niet Normaal · Difference on Display,  NAi Publishers, Rotterdam, 15 december 2009
> Available at NAi Publishers
Read introduction
· Normality under Threat
Introductie van Niet Normaal voor het programma ‘Onze Genetische Identiteit’ Beta Gamma opleiding, UVA, 1 oktober 2009, Amsterdam
· Becoming Niet Normaal
Lezing ter inleiding van de beeldende kunst tentoonstelling Difference on Display voor het Rietveld Studium Generale Programma Becoming Minority, 1 november 2009, Amsterdam
Lecture at HKU: 25 february 2008, Utrecht.
· Niet Normaal en De Collectie
Presentatie Niet Normaal / SKOR (stichting kunst en openbare ruimte), 1 april 2008
· Why Theatre? #6
Bijdrage aan mini symposium Theaterwetenschappen Universiteit Utrecht, 25 april 2008
· Tough Talk
Panelpresentaties en discussie over ‘The Ultimate Creation - Designing Mind and Body’, 8 oktober 2008
Inleiding discussie over de tentoonstelling Niet Normaal · Difference on Display tijdens een bijeenkomst van de adviescommissie op 22 januari 2007. Zie ook exhibition, production and production.
Lecture at HKU, Fine Art Program, 8 march 2007, Utrecht.
Lecture at Jan van Eyck Academy: 26 novemer 2007, Maastricht.
Lecture at AKI: 28 novemer 2007, Enschede.
Lecturer and moderator of The Past in the Present, a series of talks and discussions around the role of history and the document in contemporary art. Curated by Frank van der Stok. Ine Gevers, Bik Van der Pol, Jan Dietvorst/Roy Villevoye and Jan Kocken.
Review exhibition and debates, BAK Utrecht, Metropolis M, nr. 1, februari 2006.
Keynote lecture at Paradox, The Fine Art European Forum, 31 march 2006, Utrecht.
Review Berlin Biennial 4, KW Institute for Contemporary Art a.o., Berlin. March 25 - June 5, Metropolis M, nr. 3, juni/juli 2006.
Published in Documentary Now! ed. Frits Giertsberg, Maartje van den Heuvel, Hans Scholten, NAI publishers, Rotterdam, september 2005.
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Review exhibition of Roger Buergel, Witte de With, Rotterdam, Metropolis M, september 2005.
· Denkbeelden
o.a. Bezuinigen op Betekenis, Kunst stormt het Leven binnen, Hirsi Ali's Submission is Kunst noch Politiek, Guernica.
· Cultural Citizens in Post Hybrid Society
Essay for Underground Theory, Stichting InterArt.
Essay for the book The Multiple Ethics of Contemporary Art Practice (ed. Cecilia Fajardo Hill, *in press* with contributions of Guy Brett, Luis Camnitzer, Carlos Capelán, Jimmie Durham, Charles Esche, Jean Fisher, Kendell Geers, Susan Hiller, Simon Leung, Cuauhtémoc Medina, Kevin Moore, Gerardo Mosquera, Félix Suazo).
Essay in Manifest 2, Stichting InterArt, Arnhem.
Lecture in series Documentary Strategies, St. Joost Academie, Breda.
Website Metropolis M, augustus 2004.
Lecture for Cultural Heritage, symposium d´AcaPo, Arnhem, 11 december 2004.
Lecture in the series Het Heilige Moeten, ed. Gabrielle Schleipen, Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam.
· De Omweg
Contribution to a project of Jeanne van Heeswijk, De Hollandse Waterlinie, Fort Hinderdam, Asperen.
· Cure001
Contribution to Cure001, a studio, een project van Nico Dockx, HISK, Antwerpen.
In Journal of Cognitive Liberties, Vol. 2, No. 1, Summer.
In Trigger, ed. Jorinde Seijdel, Susanne van de Ven, suB-K/Begane Grond, Utrecht.
Lecture on invitation by Jeanne van Heeswijk at HNY, PS1, New York, published in I am Looking for Space and Fortune, Amsterdam.
· Neurologically different versus neurologically typical
Lecture at the conference on autism, Glasgow.
Lecture on invitation of Stichting De Geuzen as part of Unlimited.nl-2, De Appel, Amsterdam.
Presentation of an exhibition-in-progress in Hotel New York, P.S.One, New York (a project by Jeanne van Heeswijk).
Lecture and brochure, published for the seminar Encountering the Culture of the Norm, ed. Ine Gevers/ De Geuzen, Amsterdam, december 1999. See also in The Mediated Image, De Geuzen, Amsterdam.
Opening exhibition Power Up, Gemeentemuseum Arnhem.
Lecture for the international symposium Curatorial Practice: a Field of Study?, Le Magasin, Grenoble.
Discussion with Donna Confetti in the context of her project Vice Versa Vice, Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht.
Published in Beyond Ethics and Aethetics/ Voorbij Ethiek en Esthetiek, SUN, Nijmegen, 1997, ed. Ine Gevers, Jeanne van Heeswijk.
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The Sense of Place, introduction to the exhibition.
Lecture for seminar Stichting de Geuzen, Amsterdam.
Lecture the symposium Education Information Entertainment, Institut Fur Gegenwartskunst, Akademie der Bildende Kunste, Wenen, october 1996 (ed. Ute Meta Bauer).
Lecture at the Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht, 1996.
· Curating: stereotyping the Other or Risking ones own Subjectivity
Lecture for the symposium Curator's Crisis or Boom, Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum Joanneum, Graz, april 1996.
Lecture at the Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht, 1996
· I + the Other. Art and the Human Condition
Lecture in o.a. in de HKA, Arnhem, suB-K, Utrecht.
· Images and Imagination
Lecture Women Studies, Universiteit Utrecht.
But is it Art? So What? Text on the work of Roy Villevoye in Am rande der Malerei, catalogue Kunsthalle, Bern, 1995.
In the magazine I + the Other. Art and the Human Condition, ned-eng, 1, Stichting Artimo, directeur drs. Hester Alberdingk Thijm, Amsterdam. See also production.
Review in Metropolis M, 3, 1993.
· Vito Acconci
Review in Metropolis M, 3, 1993.
· Vorm en betekening
Review of dissertation by Marga van Mechelen, Metropolis M, 5, 1993.
Introduction to Place Position Presentation Public, publication as result of symposium april 1992, Jan van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht.
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· De voltooiing van het kunstwerk
Essay cat. tent. Frank Mandersloot, Museum Boymans van Beuningen.
· In de ban van het NU
In POSE 8, september 1992.
Essay catalogus tentoonstelling: Hedendaagse Fin de Siècle Stadsgalerij Heerlen.
· Multiple, Multiplying, Multiplication
Introduction to Multiple, Multiplying, Multiplication, n.a.v. gelijknamig symposium, Jan van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht.
· Les Magiciens de la Terre
Metropolis M, 1990.
Essay in cat. tent. Jan van Eyck Akademie, Krabbedans, Eindhoven (ed. Hans Biezen).
Essay cat. exh. Roy Villevoye, Museum Boymans - Van Beuningen, Rotterdam.
· The Borderline/ De Grens
Introduction to The Borderline/ De Grens, anthology of symposium, Jan van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht.
· Concept en Materialisatie, een onmogelijk onderscheid
Lecture Kruithuis, Den Bosch.
· Het Denken dat Ziet
Essay cat. exh. Jan van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht.

· Beschreven Ruimten
Essay cat. exh. 1988, Aleph, Almere.

· Thomas Lenden/ Mels van Zutphen
Essay cat. exh. Aleph, Almere.

· John Blake, River
Essay cat. tent. Aleph Almere.

· Het spirituele in de abstrakte kunst
Jong Holland 4, november 1987, jrg.3, pp. 52-57.

· Marc Chagall
Hommage a Apollinaire, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, 1987.

· Hedendaagse Kunst in Utrecht
Metropolis M, 4, 1986, pp. 36-41.

· Janus de Winter, de schilder-mysticus
Meulenhoff/Landshoff, Amsterdam 1985.

· De Winter en Van Doesburg en Van Doesburgs De Winters
Jong Holland, 1, 3, 1985, pp. 38.

· Der Hang zum Gesammtkunstwerk
Een nabeschouwing '48, Metropolis M, 4, 1983, pp. 4-5.